A thousands of year-old practice that uses physical poses (asana) and control of the breath (pranayama) in order to quiet the agitations of the mind.  While working the muscles of the body, we focus on proper breathing techniques to unite body and mind.  Most styles & levels of physical yoga fall under the umbrella term of Hatha.

The word asana (what we call a yoga pose) actually means steady and comfortable.  So while practicing an asana, we remain steady, holding the pose for several breaths.  We are also to remain comfortable in the pose.  That means that there is no pain, no forcing, no stress while holding the pose. The breath remains steady. We find the balance between the steadiness of our effort and our comfort in the pose.  General benefits of a regular Hatha practice include a strong, supple body, a calmer, more peaceful mind, and improved overall health.

Dana teaches traditional Hatha classes as well as Gentle Hatha classes which are perfect for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike who wish to deepen their awareness of the mind-body connection.