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A unique exercise routine, which combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing (Pranayama). Anyone can laugh without relying on humor, jokes or comedy.  Laughter is initially simulated as a physical exercise while maintaining eye contact with others in the group and promoting childlike playfulness. In most cases this soon leads to real and contagious laughter.  Science has proven that the body cannot differentiate between simulated and real laughter.   Laughter Yoga is the only technique that allows adults to achieve sustained hearty laughter without involving cognitive thought.  It bypasses the intellectual systems that normally act as a brake on natural laughter.  Some of the proven health benefits of laughing regularly include:~reduced stress levels~boosting of the immune system~reduced pain~elevated mood ~happy brain chemistry~improved circulation ~fostering feelings of kindness, joy, forgiveness & love

See for yourself why there are over 10,000 Laughter Clubs in over 72 countries around the world!

To find other Laughter Clubs near you, go to Laughter Yoga International.

Laughter Yoga as Featured on PBS'  "One Central Florida Short"

Laughter Yoga as Featured on My Fox Orlando 35

Laughter Yoga as Featured on My Fox Orlando 35