The Elevate Ganesh Fest is coming to Elevate Yoga Center for an evening of Kirtan and Yoga celebrating Ganesh and raising awareness and funds for Elephant conservation.  

This event will feature yoga classes, Kirtan performances, Laughter Yoga, Nada Yoga and educational presentations on the current state of Elephant Conservation. 

there will also be great vendors and food available in the chill out lounge.

Felicia Rose - Sacred Music 
the Jai Anandas - Kirtan
Fred Cantor - Nada Yoga
Dana Kaplan - Laughter Yoga 
Ella Duke - Yoga 
Wynne Paris - Kirtan 

*proceeds raised will go to support a number of elephant Conservation groups, including Africa ASAP ( new organization working in Tanzania)
tickets $25


In addition to leading Laughter Yoga, Dana will be chanting with both Wynne Paris and the Jai Anandas.

advance tickets are available at